The Group has in place a number of policies designed to provide an efficient organisation and to ensure the lawful, safe and effective conduct of its work.  The foundation for these is the Constitution revised in 2013 which can be found here.

Policy for Safeguarding Personal Data

The measures to be taken to protect the personal Data of Members and Friends of the Group are set out in this Policy which is compliant with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of May 2018.


Health and Safety

Because of the nature of the Group’s work involving use of tools in open spaces where there are natural hazards, a comprehensive Health and Safety Manual is in force. This comprises a brief Policy Statement confirming the commitment to the safety of members and outlining the necessary responsibilities. This is followed by an Organisation section which provides a comprehensive manual on how work is to be carried out. An important attachment to this is a single sided document “Health and Safety Guidance for Individuals” which summarises the key points for members and which is made available to them on joining the Group. This abbreviated document also includes a brief guidance on Working with Children and Young Persons referred to below.


Safeguarding Policy for Working with Children and Young Persons

The group encourages children to get in touch with nature as part of their growing up experience.  This may be through working with groups such as the Scouts or by accepting children and young persons as members.  The special care that needs to be taken in implementing appropriate activities is explained in this policy.