Today most of the work of the Group is concerned with the maintenance and evolution of sites where successful projects were initiated in past years.

Starting Out at The Bourne Crossroads.  In 2002, the first tasks undertaken were confined to woodland management and footpath maintenance, working with the rangers of the local authorities. That work still goes on and is described in the section on Working in Partnership.  It was not long, however, before new challenges were being sought, and in 2005 work started on the first independent project at what came to be known as The Bourne Crossroads. This was very much a learning experience and a great deal of help was received from contacts already made at that time.

The Community Garden.  With confidence growing, attention turned to the slightly run- down Middle Bourne Lane Community Garden. After working there with neighbours for a few months, a project plan was put to Farnham Town Council in 2007, seeking permission to go ahead with a project to rejuvenate the site with the emphasis on wildlife. With that support gained, a grant to cover the costs was obtained from Biffa and in 2009 the Garden was entered into their annual competition, winning first prize in the Small Projects category.

The Old Bourne Churchyard. In 2008 the attention of the Group was drawn to the appalling condition of the Old Churchyard. It badly needed attention and so, with the permission of the Vicar, worked started without delay and this led in 2009 to a Project Plan to regenerate this historic site, modelled on the successful Middle Bourne Lane plan, and supported by a generous grant from the Surrey Community Foundation.

The History Project.  The ambience of the Old Churchyard quickly led to an interest of the history of the site and this has become a project in its own right, leading to new contacts in the historical sector and to enquiries from interested parties all over the world.

Other Projects.  A number of other smaller or more short-lived projects have been undertaken. The first of these was called The Bourne Gateway which entailed clearing and planting the embankment outside the Ridgeway School as a way of recognising its excellent work and improving the entrance to Farnham along the A287 road. The Bourne Stream has always figured in some way in our programme of work. For example, work has gone on all along the stream for many years to keep invasive species like Himalayan Balsam under control. In 2013 a more major but short project took place along the stretch through Compton Fields to clear the watercourse and better manage the trees. This followed achieving a substantial grant from South East Water Ltd.