Autumn 2020 Update

From March until June this year we only took on essential maintenance tasks because of Lockdown 1 but, as soon as possible, we re-started regular sessions using a set of compliant rules based on groups of 6 only although on a couple of occasions we managed two such groups working on different tasks. This arrangement allowed us to catch up on most of the outstanding work. This included keeping all of our main sites looking well managed as well as a thorough Balsam Bash in The Bourne Stream near Redhill House.
We also instigated and completed a small new project at Farnham Hospital which has been very well received by the NHS team working in the Farnham Dene Medical Practice. Thanks are due to everyone who coped with the conditions and did excellent work even though there was no coffee! A special Thank You is given to all our Duke of Edinburgh Award students who supported us splendidly throughout the summer.

When Lockdown 2 came into force we waited to see how it would affect us. After a few days of studying the rules and taking advice we found, much to our surprise, that volunteers are exempt many of the restrictions provided the basics of Social Distancing are observed. We have therefore carried on much as before, still using our local rules with groups of 6. This has enabled very good progress to be made in recent weeks including splitting the plants in the raised bed at the Crossroads and planting bulbs there, tending both the Middle Bourne Lane garden and the Old Churchyard and planting bulbs in the new bed at the Hospital.

For the future there is much more to be done on all our sites and we will tackle that in the Programme given below. Main tasks are fresh planting in MBL aimed at coping better with the dry shade there, and also some light tree work in conjunction with. Farnham Town Council. In OCY the final grass cut of the year will be undertaken and also some more pruning of shrubs, not forgetting cleaning out the nest boxes. In January we shall hold our traditional Woodland Management session either in Paradise Wood or Burnt Hill Wood.

As indicated earlier we shall continue with our temporary local Rules based on groups of 6 but will interpret that flexibly to allow one or two more to attend provided the site lends itself to good social distancing. We hope to see everyone in what remains of the year but remember it is for every individual to make their own careful Risk Assessment to determine whether they will or will not attend noting the generally lower risk of working in the open air compared with indoor activity in groups.

Future Programme

  • Wed 18 Nov: Hospital Mulching Bed Limited attendance
  • Fri 20 Nov: MBL Planting
  • Wed 25 Nov
  • Thur 3 Dec
  • Sunday 6 Dec: OCY Grass cutting and shrub trimming
  • Thur 10 Dec
  • Wed 16 Dec
  • Tue 22 Dec
  • Wed 30 Dec
  • Sunday 3 Jan: Woodland Management