Conservation Group’s Project to Thank the NHS

Update – see at bottom of article

The Bourne Conservation Group (BCG) has had a good summer after resuming its work of looking after and improving the open spaces and footpaths of The Bourne. Members have continued to support the Group following the end of Lockdown and interest has been shown from potential new members, perhaps inspired by the growing interest in nature and the environment.

The Group has recently taken on a small project well outside The Bourne at Farnham Hospital as a practical way of thanking the staff of the Farnham Dene Medical Practice for their dedicated work over recent months. This arose from personal contacts and has resulted in clearing and replanting a
previously unloved area used by staff to enter the building at all hours.

The first stage was accomplished with the help of Farnham Town Council who generously provided magnificent flower tubs to give an instant result. The next stage was to create flower beds each side of the entrance planted with annual blooms to build up the colourful effect, as shown in the photographs. The final stage is now under way with the planning of a more permanent array of perennials and spring bulbs to be planted in October.

The medical staff has been delighted with the results so far and are looking forward to the next stage.

Photographs show: 1. BCG volunteers with Practice Manager Jenny Partridge admiring their work. 2. The initial planting of annuals to brighten the staff entrance.

Hospital Project Update

Our Group’s team returned to the Farnham Hospital site in late October 2020 for the planned autumn planting. The photographs show our volunteers with the results of their work.