New bee-friendly flower bed in Middle Bourne Lane Garden

The Bourne Conservation Group (BCG) is involved in many activities to help the environment of the area, and some are not always obvious. The Group?s most visible achievement so far in 2017 has been the creation of a new bed full of plants in the Middle Bourne Lane Community Wildlife Garden, which BCG maintains as a haven for wildlife on behalf of the people of Farnham.

The large bed has been cleared, composted and planted recently, all to a design by BCG member Cathy Stewart. The plants were selected for their attraction to pollen-loving insects such as bees and butterflies, and are expected to provide a splendid display later this year. The photographs show the bed laid out ready for planting, and afterwards being watered in by Fiona Walberton.

As an example of BCG’s less obvious activities, members have again contributed to the annual Toad Watch, helping amphibians such as toads, frogs and newts cross the road safely to their breeding ponds near Boundary Road, Rowledge. The photo shows some of the toads rescued. Another regular activity is keeping The Bourne?s many footpaths clear, to which the main work session this month was devoted. The Group is leading three walks as its contribution to the Farnham Walking Festival in May, which is a further reason to keep the area in good order for the enjoyment of people as well as wildlife.

Noel Moss, Chairman of BCG, said “We are very grateful to our members who turn out to help in all weathers. We are proud of our beautiful new plants in the Middle Bourne Lane Garden and are sure they will be enjoyed by many residents as well as by the bees.”