Farnham Walking Festival 2017

The Bourne Conservation Group made a significant contribution to Farnham’s first Walking Festival, held from 21 May to 28 May. Full details can be found on the Town Council website at www.farnham.gov.uk/walkingfestival

Our contribution consisted of three walks and a talk, as follows:

Sunday 21 May: The Wildlife and Conservation of The Bourne Woods Area

This was a circular walk beginning and ending at the cricket pavilion, taking in Sable Wood, Bourne Wood and RSPB Reserve.

Monday 22 May: The Heritage, Wildlife and Conservation of The Bourne Valley

This circular walk began and ended at the Church of St Thomas?on-The Bourne, containing material on George Sturt and other former residents, together with visits to sites of conservation interest along the valley.

Thursday 25 May: A Walk Around The Bourne Woods

This was a circular walk round The Bourne area starting at the Church of St Thomas-on-The Bourne, taking in attractive sites of interest and with glimpses of local heritage and wildlife

Sunday 21 May: Talk by Martin Angel on the Ecology of The Bourne.