BCG Work Programme

The Group is pleased to be able to return to a regular Work Programme, which will be published on this website when finalised. The key factors in making this possible are:

  • The ending by the Government of all restrictions on activity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The good news that our Chairman, Noel Moss, has been able to resume his involvement in running the Group.

To get the programme up and running again after the big effort we made for Farnham In Bloom, Calling Notices have been issued for four mini-sessions to allow us to catch up with urgent tasks:

They are:

29th July. Balsam Bash. A difficult but always enjoyable task in the nicest part of The Bourne Valley

1st August. Much needed trim in the Old Church Yard

3rd August.    Footpath clearance in the Sturt Walk area

5th August.   Check on the state of Middle Bourne Lane garden, including some hedge trimming.

Those who have signed up for these already are thanked.  There are still vacancies, so any others please contact Noel without delay: