BCG Plans for Summer 2021

It is greatly to be hoped that Coronavirus remains under control in the UK in the coming weeks and that the Government’s cautious lifting of the restrictions on our lives continue as planned in the Road Map. This should allow the country and BCG in particular to get back to something like normality.

We have already taken our own first cautious steps as indicated in an earlier updating message to Members. We held a work session for 6 volunteers on Friday 9th April in which we carried out much needed work in the Old Churchyard plus a little job that needed doing on the adjacent plot at the top of Old Church Lane. Other similar sessions will be held in the
coming weeks leading, we hope, to a revised programme after 17th May for which dates will be issued.

It is worth remarking that the end of our work session in OCY on 9 th April coincided with the announcement of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh which has occasioned an outpouring of grief and a national period of mourning. We add our condolences to Her Majesty the Queen on the loss of her husband and consort of more than 70 years.

The news broadcasts have highlighted the many achievements of the Duke including his creation in the 1950s of the Awards Scheme that takes his name. We can identify with that in a small way because our links with young people carrying out their bronze, silver and gold programmes which helps their development as well as rendering a service to BCG and our local community.