Resumption of Work Programme

The Bourne Conservation Group’s Committee has given careful consideration to the resumption of working parties and has given its approval to make a start within the limits of Government Guidelines, provided the general Covid-19 situation in the country continues on its present trend. This is a positive development and we welcome enquiries from potential new members who would like to contribute their time and knowledge – details can be found on the ‘Join Us’ page.

Each session will be notified to members by email, with a reminder of the arrangements and rules to be followed. These rules will be kept under review and are currently:

 Advance notice will be given of work sessions with replies expected from members in a timely manner.
 In these abnormal times it is emphasised that members must carefully carry out their advance risk assessment in line with their own personal situation.
 No more than 5 volunteers per session. No unannounced arrivals accepted over the ceiling of 5. (May be extended to 6 later).
 Volunteers to provide their own gloves and, if possible, their own small hand tools.
 Volunteers bring their own refreshments.
 Individuals to maintain social distancing at all times during travel to and from the sites and while on site. We shall keep to the 2 metres rule.
 Any gates to be left open to avoid constant handling
 Larger tools allocated to individuals on the day and not passed around
 Bottles of sanitiser and wipes will be provided for cleansing tools at the end of the session. Limited hot water will be provided for hand washing.
 Face coverings may be worn at members’ discretion but are not essential as the work is in the open.
 Any visitors to the site will be asked to not socialise with the working party unless strict social distancing of 2 metres is followed.