With wildlife in mind

A first for our Group was the evening event we put on at St Martin’s Hall, Lower Bourne on 23rd October 2018, open to all residents. The main attraction was a talk by Martin Angel ‘Exploration of the Natural History of The Bourne’ which was accompanied by a large selection of his outstanding photographs. The purpose was to make our work known to as wide a group of interested local people as possible, and to attract new members. In his concluding remarks, Noel Moss, Chairman of BCG, drew attention to the importance of the work of the group and the fact that there are always more tasks that need doing.  With refreshments served there was then an opportunity to enter into friendly discussion with the visitors as well as members and friends of the Group.

The event had been publicised in local media and on public noticeboards, and also with leaflets and emails being circulated, and it attracted a very good turnout. Those present seemed appreciative of our work and obviously enjoyed the talk. We expect to repeat the event in future years.