Keeping Langham’s Rec safe for children and wildlife

Langham’s Recreation Ground is a popular open space on The Ridgeway, South Farnham, named after the founder of the Farnham Herald who gave the land to the town. The Bourne Conservation Group (BCG) has in recent years been working with Waverley Borough Council to keep the area as attractive as possible. To make it more friendly for wildlife some areas of grass have been left uncut and the wooded area cleared of invasive plants as far as possible.

At least once a year BCG’s volunteers tackle the problem of litter and other rubbish that has been left, removing an eyesore that can be dangerous to both children and wildlife. On the last Sunday in October a strong team gathered at the site rather than have an extra hour in bed, including a good number of young members undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The results of the BCG team’s efforts can be seen in the photographs, showing a large amount of litter of all sorts left on the site including builders’ rubbish that has been flytipped.  All this in an area set aside particularly for the use of children, and an example of a seemingly insoluble problem all over the town and elsewhere.

Noel Moss, the Chairman of BCG, commented that it is fortunate for the area that volunteers of all ages are prepared to give their time to keeping important greenspaces like Langham’s clear of rubbish and he thanked them for this excellent piece of community service.