Prep Work

Preparatory Work Already Accomplished

In drawing up a plan to improve and manage the site we have established that it has no owner. We have consulted with residents whose properties adjoin the site and with The Bourne Residents Association, and received their support. The scheme also has the enthusiastic support of local councillors. Technical support has been provided by the Surrey Wildlife Trust and other experts.

Outline of Plan

The main features of the plan are:

? Clearing the site of unsightly rubbish.
? Retaining the best trees and shrubs but clearing out the poor quality ones. The thinning out should further enhance the prospects of the remaining trees.
? Enhancing the hedge line at the back of the site with native species to provide both a backdrop rich in colourful berries and a long-term screen for adjacent properties.
? Creating a central area of wild flowers and grasses.
? Planting the strip of turf along the roadside with spring bulbs.

Through the good offices of Surrey County Council we aim to introduce a coordinated set of ?roadside furniture? including a new 4-way signpost to give a village look to the corner. It is proposed to use a signpost design that is used in some parts of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as shown in the picture.

Some of the heavier work will be carried out professionally by contractors including the installation of a new revetment to protect the embankment at the narrow southern end of the site. This will be subsequently hidden by shrubs.


So that we can show early results it is intended to start work on the clearance operation in February 2006. This will enable us to prepare the central area for seeding in April so that the wild flowers bloom for the first time in summer 2006. Planting of trees, shrubs and bulbs will take place in the autumn to show the first benefits in 2007. There will be a programme of on-going management.

For the initial work programme see the Work Sessions page.



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