Newsletter Winter 2017

Our latest Newsletter, expertly edited by Martin Angel, has been sent to all members and friends. It is packed with interesting articles about our projects and related subjects which we are sure you will enjoy reading. If you would like a copy please request it from

Keeping the Tide of Litter at Bay

The subject of large amounts of litter that accumulate in and around Farnham is often the subject of comment in The Herald.  The delightful open space known as Langham’s Recreation Ground on the Ridgeway, given to the town by the first editor of the paper, unfortunately attracts a great deal of waste material of all sorts deposited by thoughtless walkers and picnickers. Continue reading “Keeping the Tide of Litter at Bay”

Heritage Open Days September 2017

The Bourne Conservation Group again contributed a guided walk to this year’s Heritage Open Days, which are organised by the Farnham Society. Called “From Wells to Mains, the Story of Farnham’s Water Supplies”, it was held successfully on Friday 8th September. Members of our group have researched the history of water supplies in the area thoroughly, and the walk will be illustrated with readings from contemporary writing.

For full details of this year’s Heritage Open Days go to

Encouraging pollinators

The micromoth Blastobasis adustella feeding on the blackadder flowers.

During the recent regional and national Farnham-in Bloom judging it was quite obvious that the new planting of the herbaceous border in the Middle Bourne Lane Wildlife Garden was amply fulfilling the objective of attracting pollinators. On a sunny day it hums with bumblebees, honey bees, hoverflies, greenbottles and even the odd hornet. Continue reading “Encouraging pollinators”