Asian Hornet alert

A new and decidedly undesirable alien species has recently arrived in this country. It was sighted both in Guildford and in New Alresford this September. They pose a real threat to honey bees and other pollinators if they become established.

Any sightings should be reported immediately to the Non-Native Species Secretariat, or to BCG if preferred and we will deal with it. The Secretariat has issued a poster on how to recognise this menace and how to report it.

A new gate for Battings Garden

The new gate

Thanks to collaboration between the Bourne Conservation Group (BCG) and Farnham Town Council a little known piece of greenspace in South Farnham has a very attractive new oak gate. Battings Garden is situated at the junction of the A287 road and The Ridgeway, just by the traffic lights, with a hedgerow along the Ridgeway Road boundary which until 2016 had an iconic oak gate. The memorial plaque, now gracing the new gate, proclaims that the garden was presented to the town in 1933 by Walter Batting Esquire.  Continue reading “A new gate for Battings Garden”

Keeping Langham’s Rec safe for children and wildlife

Langham’s Recreation Ground is a popular open space on The Ridgeway, South Farnham, named after the founder of the Farnham Herald who gave the land to the town. The Bourne Conservation Group (BCG) has in recent years been working with Waverley Borough Council to keep the area as attractive as possible. To make it more friendly for wildlife some areas of grass have been left uncut and the wooded area cleared of invasive plants as far as possible. Continue reading “Keeping Langham’s Rec safe for children and wildlife”

An unwelcome moth invader

We are pleased that the Farnham Herald used the following report in their most recent issue:

Boxworm moth – Cydalima perspectalis

Gardeners in Farnham are facing a new villain – the box-worm moth. Caterpillars of this moth introduced from China are stripping the leaves of box shrubs in gardens. The beautiful topiary and box hedging in classical gardens are being laid bare, and this is after many have suffered from box blight.

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Support for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

We are very aware of the value of this award scheme, also known as DofE. It is available to all 14-24 year olds and is designed to equip young people for their lives ahead irrespective of their background, culture, skills and interests. Since its launch over 60 years ago it has widened the horizons of millions of youngsters world-wide and in many cases helped to transform their lives.

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Greenspaces Heritage Walk – Sunday 16th September 2018

Meet at St Martin’s on The Green at 2.15 pm.

The theme this year for the Farnham Society’s Heritage Open Days is Green Spaces and so where better to go than The Bourne? Here we not only have small pieces of green space within the urban area but we have direct access to the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty , the boundary of which runs along the eastern part of Dene Lane. We are therefore offering a guided walk appropriately starting on The Bourne Green and proceeding through the ever-popular woodland and heathland to the south including Sable Wood, Bourne Wood and the RSPB Farnham Heath reserve. Continue reading “Greenspaces Heritage Walk – Sunday 16th September 2018”

Farnham Walking Festival 2018 (Updated)

Farnham Town Council first introduced a walking festival into its programme of events in 2017. With some thirty walks over a week, including three organised by The Bourne Conservation Group, the festival proved extremely popular and it was decided to repeat the event in but over a two week period in 2018. Once again BCG was enthusiastic to take part, offering three walks broadly similar to last year’s.

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