Team effort in the Old Churchyard

With autumn not so far off and Covid regulations relaxed, a team of six adults and two Duke of Edinburgh’s Award students met in the Old Churchyard on Sunday 22nd August to complete a number of outstanding tasks. With excellent support from Max Grover, one of the DofE students, a second replacement bench, made up from two rather distressed predecessors, was firmly anchored to give a good view across the site. With everything having grown so prolifically this summer, the willows around the pond were definitely due their annual cut back as was the bramble patch beside the pond which had completely overgrown the pathway round the pond. Our second DofE student did valiant work in clearing weed off the surface of the pond. There is always more to be done but we feel that we have made good progress. Thanks to Richard Sandars for leading the team, with support from committee member Charles Fearnley.