While the Group’s normal pattern of working parties had to be suspended during the height of the Coronavirus lockdown, some activities have been resumed in late May under the government’s most recent advice. Noel Moss and Mike Long have undertaken some much-needed watering at the crossroads and Simon Bradbury has been doing the same at Middle
Bourne Lane to ensure the flowers and seeds survive there. Also, on what was the hottest day so far, Noel and Richard Sandars started on some preliminary work in the Old Churchyard, mowing and bramble pulling. During the course of the morning two ladies visited intent on seeing how the tadpoles were getting on while two young parents and their small daughter spread out a rug and had a picnic – they agreed to being photgraphed. A lady with her small dog also passed through briefly.

With the embargo on travelling far, a number of local people have ‘found’ the Churchyard asthe well-trodden grass around the pond attests. We did get an email from one couple (apparently quite frequent visitors) who found their usual bench missing. As we suspected, this had been ‘relocated’ probably by youngsters.

It is pleasing to see more people enjoying the special atmosphere of the Old Churchyard; we hope we might get some new members! We also show the glory of the buttercups which add to the attraction of this lovely and historic part of The Bourne.